A poem about an alien


aliens emerged from their spaceship
disguised as humans they walked
a big baddies convention was going on
drug lords, syndicates, crime bosses
racketeers, gamblers, cartels, triads
aliens took them all to their mother ship
put inside their converter machine
and when the baddies returned to Earth
they’ve all been converted
to the opposites of who they were
and life on Earth was better than before

For: A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017


Daily Word Prompt 221 “Jeans”

One of my favourite groups, the APO Hiking Society and their song, “Blue Jeans” reminded me of our college days and the struggle we have endured just to earn the much-deserved degree.

(Blue jeans)
Alam mo ba ano ang ibig sabihin ng ating pagsisikap sa ‘skwela
(Blue jeans)
Ba’t ‘di na lang iwanan ang pag-aaral at sama-sama tayong magsaya

Ngunit ang kabataan daw ay kayaman
‘Wag daw basta’t itapon at papabayaan
Kaya magsikap tayo habang may panahon at
Mag-aral at mag-ipon tayo ng karunungan

(Blue jeans)
Sige, sige, sige kayod sa ‘skwela at balang araw makikita n’yo
(Blue jeans)
Pagkatapos ng iyong paghihirap, ‘di ka rin makakahanap ng trabaho

Sino ba silang nagmamarunong sa buhay
Huwag sana silang makialam sa ‘king buhay
Anong kinabukasan pagkatapos sa ‘skwela
Huwag nang isipin at baka mangamba ka pa

Kay tagal-tagal ko nang nag-aaral
Tignan mo, kupas na’ng aking maong, hoo
Kung akala mo ako ay natuto na
Hindi pa rin

O kay tagal-tagal ko nang nag-aaral
Tignan mo, kupas na’ng aking maong, hoo
Kung akala mo ako ay natuto na
Hindi pa rin (‘di pa rin, ‘di pa rin, ‘di pa rin)

( Blue jeans )
Do you know what the meaning of our efforts to school
( Blue jeans )
Why not just leave the study and together we have fun

But they said youth is wealth
Don’t just throw them anyway
So strive as we have time and
Study and let’s invest in wisdom

( Blue jeans )
Go ahead , go ahead , go ahead struggle in school and someday you’ll see
( Blue jeans )
After your suffering , you also cannot find work

Who are they to know all about life
Forbid them to say how I lead my life
What does the future offer after school
Never mind lest you worry

For years I was studying
You see, my faded jeans, hoo
If you think I have learned
Not yet

Or for years I was studying
You see, my faded jeans, hoo
If you think I have learned
Still ( ” still , still , still )

For: Daily Word Prompt 221 “Jeans”

Music Prompt #12: Miley Cyrus – “Malibu” #amwriting #musicchallenge

With you we could be anywhere
Up the mountains, hills or by the ocean
We’d go somewhere cultural or a place to hide
We would have memories to share

Share the laughter and the lessons
We keep going back to places we like
Singapore, Bali, Palawan, Rome and Paris
To relax or do some actions

Actions and reactions, all there
An hour, a day, weekend or longer
It doesn’t matter as long as you are with me
And for as long as we both care

Care to look for some megalith
Ancient ruins, artefacts and paintings
Temples, churches, safaris and some adventures
Happy as long as you are with*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The RemyLa Rhyme Form, a form created by Laura Lamarca, consists of 4 stanzas. Each stanza has four lines. The syllable count per stanza is 8/10/12/8 and rhyme scheme is abca defd ghig jklj. The first word of stanza 1 must also be the last word of stanza 4. The last word of stanza 1 must also be the first word of stanza 2 and the last word of stanza 2 must be the first word of stanza 3. Finally, the last word of stanza 3 must also be the first word of stanza 4.

This form is named after Laura’s daughter, Remy Lawren Lamarca. La is her signature.

For: Music Prompt #12: Miley Cyrus – “Malibu” #amwriting #musicchallenge

Thursday photo prompt – Flow #writephoto


Torrents of water travel its path
So uplifting good for my bath
Cascade so powerful as it whir
Travel its path torrents of water

Force of nature, lovely and brutal
Curtain of white water so ample
As we swim, place is full of laughter
Lovely and brutal force of nature

Splashing like pearls, refreshingly good
Lots of memories from our childhood
Many friends come for our social whirl
Refreshingly good, splashing like pearls*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Swap Quatrain was created by Lorraine M. Kanter.

Within the Swap Quatrain each stanza in the poem must be a quatrain (four lines) where the first line is reversed in the fourth line. In addition, line 2 must rhyme with line 1, and line 3 must rhyme with line 4 and so on, BUT not repeat the same rhyming pattern on subsequent stanzas.

Rhyming pattern: AABB, CCDD, and so on.

For: Thursday photo prompt – Flow #writephoto