14976565_10154281348169412_4322747035253764604_o November 25

A Photo A Week: Thankfulness

Aurora, with a chime we honour thee Puts everything in place as we speak You’re as sharp as your glamour and mystique Gentle but firm, in your own pace with glee We’re grateful to have you as our mommy As we climb mountains and swim in a creek Aurora, with a chime we honour thee […]

Listen To That Thunder*

Listen to that thunder Full of rage and fury Bursting with anger The sky breaks loose And I want to flee Transforming the sky Objecting to the silence Upheaval seems to amplify Like it’s time for a vengeance And I ask, why me? The ease of water rolling Wind blustering like mad To the flood […]

Carpe Diem – Hearing*

chasing waterfall sound of the fountain of life ever so faithful ever so faithful stridently trickling down splashing like pearls splashing like pearls cleanses the soul and spirit refreshingly good * reblog from my archive

20150508_185508 February 18

Colour Your World – Fern

0fe2085800afb94e621e85de775cb902 February 18

Day 18 #Loveuary❤ – Never ending love

As students we managed to scrape by Not going out, staying at students’ halls Getting after-school work and living the hard way Every dish is important so we don’t leave any Roast on Sunday would be curried or stir-fried the next We helped plant some vegetables at his parents’ allotment And freeze all the produce […]

02a6 February 17

Day 17 #Loveuary❤ – Heart

like a dove’s cooing all the experience and love I’m very grateful in silence and stealth we make our own history together we face life summer breeze is fun swimming to my heart’s content summon the muses and in all shapes and sizes to the cool ocean for bliss For: Day 17 #Loveuary ❤ What […]

dsc04727 February 16

A Photo a Week Challenge: Red

For: A Photo a Week Challenge: Red

dsc04727 February 16



imgp3236 February 16

Day 16 #Loveuary❤ – Love Letter

I send you my kiss through the post Hope it gets there to give you cheer Quite tough being on coast to coast I send you my kiss through the post When we meet we will have a toast And we just have to persevere I send you my kiss through the post Hope it […]

20151030_143609 February 15

Victory – Writing Wednesday – 15 February 2017

Me and my gal always together We laugh, we fight and we just chatter She’s in my team and we’re winners Our teacher tells us off coz we’re chewers I’m sure when she grows up, she’ll be a cracker I wish I may, I wish I might That our future be always bright Reveal the […]

dsc04673 February 15

What made me smile this week?

Hello everyone. Two more days and I’m off to the Philippines. Three weeks of fun, mother bonding, sun, sand, sea, Filipino food to the max, friends and more fun. Mind you, we’re having such warm days in Bavaria, no snow yet, hopefully it comes when I’m gone. Yesterday, we had a cosy day, the cyclamen […]

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