Blush – Daily Prompt


Eyes that sparkle
Blushing all over
A fluttery stomach
Unable to keep still
Whenever I think of you
My world shines bright
Outburst of the heart

Matang kumikinang
Namumula sa hiya
Wagayway ng tiyan
Hindi mapakali
Tuwing naiisip kita
Ang mundo ko’y lumiwanag
Silakbo ng puso

For: Blush

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Identical – Daily Prompt


The Octelle, created by Emily Romano, is a poem consisting of eight lines using personification and symbolism in a telling manner. The syllable count structure for this verse is 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, and the rhyme scheme is aa/bb/cc/aa. The first two lines and the last two lines are identical.

Give them a wave as you pass them
Watch them admire you like bright gem
A star they think you are cool
Prevent them from being fool
Being famous doesn’t last
Enjoy it and have a blast
Give them a wave as you pass them
Watch them admire you like bright gem

For: Identical

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100 Week Wednesday: Week 63 – Spring is here – hurrah!

Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha

Winter tries to hang on
But spring has push it back
Flowers come in the crack
Nature intends to drawn
Like the colour of dawn
Nothing is white nor black

Some buds bloom, pink through green
River is soft, birds tweet
No more snow nor sleet
Buds on branches on scene
Enjoying like a queen
Everything is so sweet

Crocuses and tulips
Daffodils and snowdrops
Pop up like lollipops
Colours like some makeups
Petals burst out in cups
Waking up all the crops

The rain and sunshine come
Time to sound the drum
Kingfisher, loon, swallow
Spring is here – hurrah!

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: 100 Week Wednesday: Week 63

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Place

Of all the places in the world, my favourite is my home. Where is home? Home is where Him Indoors, I and HRH the son live. It’s full of love, affection and fun. Ideally it is here in Bavaria, but it could also be anywhere. OK, HRH the son has left us but he still comes back from time to time, and he comes back with his beautiful K.

home is happy
home is cosy
home is warm
home doesn’t regret
home doesn’t mind sharing
home grows with love

it doesn’t matter
where or what is home
home is with Him Indoors
and HRH the son
our three tortoises
our flowers in the grden
things we share
experience and memories
I love our home!

Him Indoors and I
HRH the son and K
happy together

in the garden
Gin, Rex, Nik – our tortoises
eating lettuces

flowers, herbs and trees
butterflies, hedgehogs and birds
garden full of fun

he loves gardening
I love writing and cooking
we love cycling, too

For: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Place, Our World: 19 March 2018


FFfAW Challenge – Don’t heap coals of fire on my head

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan!

Don’t heap coals of fire on my head
After the wild evening
Cajoled me to calm down instead
Oh my head is aching
I cringed when I thought about it
That practice made me look halfwit
I cringed ‘bout it
I cringed ‘bout it
Blighted me like some kind of twit

Don’t heap coals of fire on my head
Don’t call me names as well
I really need to go to bed
That lady made a spell
Can’t help but sigh like a wild wolf
Character in Virginia Woolf
Can’t help but sigh
Can’t help but sigh
A desperate and small wolf

Don’t heap coals of fire on my head
Close to losing my mind
I have to woo her and we wed
Which means I could be blind
I am in love, I think I am
I’m not sure, I am in a jam
I am in love
I am in love
It’s like I was hit by a tram*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Trijan Refrain


For: FFfAW Challenge-Week of March 20, 2018, Wordle 343 Mar 17 by brenda warren


Friday Fictioneers – I am weary of my wisdom


I am weary of my wisdom
Like the bee that hath gathered too much honey
Lots of laughter and weeping in my album
The quilt of life is growing with glee

Nothing can shock me as I’ve seen them all
There are still spices that give me some lift
Perhaps I just need to wrap myself with a shawl
Having my wits around is definitely a gift

The songs of the birds still amaze me
The twinkles of the stars are wonderful
I still enjoy having a nice cup of tea
Really grateful that I’m still able

For: 16 March 2018 Friday Fictioneers