Jaws! 100 Word Wednesday: Week 41

Image Credit Bikurgurl

We queued for hours in Universal
The son was just four, Mickey was waiting
Such holiday fun, we were all joyful

Son was happy, he couldn’t stop clapping
When the Jaws came up, that was a surprise
We shouted even though it was acting

We shot the target, we had a big prize
And of course, the son wanted big Mickey
We were hungry, we had fish and French fries

Adventure in California us three
Back when the son was just a little boy
Also had fun with our shopping spree

We queued for hours in Universal
Such holiday fun

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 41

Day 21 – Nothing Remains the Same

Adapt and adjust
Balance in life
Change in our comfort zone
Day to day we count our blessing
Enemies or friends, part of us
For it is such a short life
Give or take
Happiness is vital
Ice-cream in the park
Jump for joy
Killing me softly
Love is the answer
Many splendour things
Nostalgia of youth
Open mindedness
Pat a cake, bake me a cake
Quintessential is a long word
Remember me?
Stagnation if we don’t change
Transformation it is
Under the umbrella
Victory to peace
With or without you
X-ray, examine our conscience
You and me against the world
Zoo and the top of the world*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* abecedarian

For: Day 21 – Nothing Remains the Same


#SoCS Oct. 21/17 – season

Nature always wears the colours of the season
Could be cold, hot, windy, sunny or any climate
And I always think of myself as being champion

Nature becomes me, going with or against the flow
Every day is different, enjoying the sun, the rain or snow
Swimming in the creek, admiring the flowers in the meadow

On top of the world, we kissed and nature’s our witness
Look around us, trees, birds, hills – they’re all breathless
The gift of nature and I’m happy being here, that’s a plus

Daffodils are popping out, cheerful bulbs burst into life
Spring is here, part of our life now and the afterlife
Birds are singing, blue bells, tulips wildflowers all in rife

Summer morning, all serene, flower’s scent is heaven
Starting the day on this bright day, clouds like cotton
People in positive mood, like in a lottery having won

Autumn’s golden voice, sings with birds and flowers
Don’t forget the palm, coconut, banana trees and firs
The leaves golden brown, auburn, orange, such pleasures

Leaves had fallen on cold days, winter is wonderful
Time to have our Christmas tree with tinsel and bauble
Sitting in front of a fireplace, all cosy and blissful

Reflection through an early dawn or the lovely sunset
Admiring some stone friezes curved with rosette
And together we admire our own silhouette

For: The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 21/17


Day 20: Desires and Remembering

Image by V CT at PublicDomainImages

My first love, like a cooing of a dove
Will remember it forever
Naïve and young, we’ve sung and clung
We were each other’s anchor

My first kiss, it was such a bliss
Like I have reached heaven
The seventh sky and we were so high
Like the lottery we’ve just won

When I first saw snow, a long time ago
It tasted like ice
Took a photo, so everyone will know
Edelweiss and paradise

We got married, they’ve wished us Godspeed
Created our own home
The son was born, he likes nuggets and corn
We’ve been to Paris and Rome*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* Triquatrain form

For: Day 20: Desires and Remembering


Thursday photo prompt – Spur – #writephoto


He shook his head and dug his spurs
Into the verges of the horse
It’s mainly to control the horse
Determination as he stirs
Troublesome thoughts, those crafty plots
He ran away from the archers
Rode with the wind with all the force
He shook his head and dug his spurs

He knew that he shouldn’t have errs
Spur of the moment, of course
People shouting, voices so hoarse
There was a warning, like blinkers
Forget the past, just run as fast
Doesn’t need to know the answers
As long as he’s got the right source
He knew that he shouldn’t have errs*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* High Octain

For: Thursday photo prompt – Spur – #writephoto