20 Days of Chill: 2018 – January 12

Friday, January 12: High, low … in, out


nadarama ang himukin
kapag ang paraluman ay abot-kamay
dumadaloy ang pagkalikha
ngunit kapag ang paraluman ay nawala
lahat nito tila hihinto
walang kulay ang aking mundo
walang salita , walang pang-uri , walang pandiwa
walang dahilan upang lumaban
walang dahilan upang pagmasdang mabuti
walang dahilan upang umibig

encouragement felt
when muse is within reach
creativeness flows
but when muse is gone
everything seems to stop
my world is without colour
no words, no adjectives, no verbs
no reason to fight
no reason to contemplate
no reason to love


20 Days of Chill: 2018 – January 4

Thursday, January 4: Win or lose


Never forget our dreams
And step into the unknown
A light flickers and gleams
Show them our backbones

Adventure begins here
At any age, senior or junior
We can fight, forget the jeer
We’ll defeat them, we’re better

As long as there’s health
Enter on our own, it’s never close
Like a hungry cat’s silence and stealth
We’re here till the end, that’s the choice

We can always begin
Living beyond the horizon
We’re here to win
And life could be fun


20 Days of Chill: 2018 – January 1

Monday, January 1: Frame of mind


I’m a vision
rambling in the wood
the world have me shun
repaying for my childhood

I’m a fountain of blood
in the shape of a girl
my life is a tragedy or a ballad
I can be your pearl when I twirl

lost at first hole
rattling in the forgotten shell
not knowing my role
coming out of your spell

stretching my wings with feathers
time to leave your sight
life might be a blur
got to be bold for my fight

don’t forget my name
I’m the branch that you break
I’m your dame in a frame
in the wilderness for your sake