Acrostic – B&P Shadorma & Beyond – November 26, 2016


L – live, love and be merry
E – everything we have, comes from Above
G – giving with all our hearts
A – accepting who we are
C – carry on no matter what
Y – you know we love you


A– adventure is like a box of chocolates
D– day after day one adventure till next
V- venture out more, take a risk and just wait
E– everyone lives in a wonderful world
N– no one knows what it will be till we try
T– time will tell what we miss if we don’t go
U– under, over, above, below, within
R– rain, storm, sunshine, snow, dry, wet
E- every hour, every day, every week


Sun, sea and strand
Under the coconut tree
Memories of youth
Maintaining friendship
Eternally thankful
Reminisce the past

Fun to splash and swim
Under the sun setting
Now a memory

For: B&P Shadorma & Beyond – November 26, 2016


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