Berlin Wall Museum – Echoes of the Past

Berlin Wall Museum exhibition dates back to the museum’s first days, just after the building of the Berlin Wall, and charts the lifespan of the world’s supposedly most secure border system. For over 50 years the Wall Museum, founded in 1962 as a bastion of peace in freedom, has stood at the legendary Checkpoint Charlie border crossing, the geographical focal point of the Cold War, where the West-East divide began and ended.

Wandering through different rooms one can also examine original artefacts used during many of the infamous escapes from East Germany – from escape cars, to hot air balloons, from homemade mini-submarines to deceptively hollow surfboards, the permanent exhibition is a testament to the ingenuity of the human mind when faced with perilous circumstances. Alongside the information boards and escape objects, there was also showcase work by artists, whose only means of dealing with the existence of this cruel divide was to turn to their art.


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