Christmas Writing Prompt #1 – Last Christmas


Hello everyone! Christmas is in the air! Last Christmas was something completely different for us. It wasn’t the usual “the three of us in the house” with the Christmas tree that we decorated, all the lights and other decorations in the house, Christmas morning when we opened presents, turkey, Christmas pudding with custard, ringing up and greeting our families all over the world, etc. It was our first Christmas without HRH the son coming home for Christmas. He decided to spend it in the UK with his beautiful K. So Him Indoors and I decided to go to Murnau for Christmas, away from home. We stayed there for four days and we had a great time. There was no snow, we didn’t mind that, we were able to walk around town and surroundings. Here are some of our photos.

our room with a view in Murnau

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

lovely Christmas day

It’s the season to be jolly!

Christmas concert

enjoyed the pool with jacuzzi

For: Christmas Writing Prompt #1 – Last Christmas


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