Music Prompt # 69 “I don’t want to talk about it” – Rod Stewart feat Amy Belle

I don’t want to talk about it
Just hold me one more time
Then I’d let you go
I’d be here thinking about you
The times we were together
How you made me feel

One day I’d be able to heal
We had a good time, which I admit
Wish we are as we were
When you were with me anytime
Now my world is blue
And your love I have to borrow

Our love used to be aglow
Broke my heart, what an ordeal
Without you, don’t have any clue
There was no culprit
One more mountain to climb
Still don’t know the answer

You used to be my anchor
It was never a show
Our words used to rhyme
Out of the blue you reveal
To me you don’t want to commit
There’s a new love, she’s called Sue

The pain I have to go through
The whole world seems to blur
Like being thrown in a pit
Everything moves so slow
My heart has to anneal
Hurt of a lifetime

One last look one more time
Before you flew
My tears I cannot conceal
Cannot end this with anger
Cannot say don’t go
Have to accept, I submit

Precious time we were together
And now I’m letting you go
I’ll heal by the moonlit*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

* The sestina is a strict ordered form of poetry, dating back to twelfth century French troubadours. It consists of six six-line (sestets) stanzas followed by a three-line envoy. Rather than use a rhyme scheme, the six ending words of the first stanza are repeated as the ending words of the other five stanzas in a set pattern. The envoy uses two of the ending words per line, again in a set pattern.

First stanza, ..1 ..2 ..3 ..4 ..5 ..6
Second stanza, ..6 ..1 ..5 .. 2 ..4 ..3
Third stanza, ..3 ..6 ..4 ..1 ..2 ..5
Fourth stanza, ..5 ..3 ..2 ..6 ..1 ..4
Fifth stanza, ..4 ..5 ..1 ..3 ..6 ..2
Sixth stanza, ..2 ..4 ..6 ..5 ..3 ..1

Concluding tercet:
middle of first line ..2, end of first line ..5
middle of second line ..4, end of second line..3
middle if third line ..6, end of third line ..1

For: Music Prompt # 69 “I don’t want to talk about it” – Rod Stewart feat Amy Belle


  1. Whistles!!❤️❤️This is absolutely gorgeous writing, Ladylee 😀 you have worked your way so very skillfully through the form..(which is a difficult one to accomplish) especially love; “Wish we are as we were. When you were with me anytime. Now my world is blue. And your love I have to borrow” Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at MLMM❤️❤️

    Lots of love,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks, Sanaa ❤ I was just reading the rules again, seems that I used the rhymes instead of the end words themselves, never mind, they worked! I really enjoyed this challenge, thanks Sanaa for the prompt ❤ have a great weekend ❤ ❤


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