Creativity Challenge 15 – Together


I have known you for a long time
Through thick and thin we’re together
We’ve been working out the answer

More seas to swim, mountains to climb
More adventures and challenges
More photos to take, more kisses

Cooking with rosemary and thyme
Lots of curries and stir-fries
Together with our lows and highs

The warm breeze whispers through the chimes
Such a melody we produce
When we fight, we’ve got to have truce

We fight but make up at teatime
One shouts, the other one listens
Life’s not perfect but we have fun


I love you and that’s the key
And as long as you love me

You make my life so wonderful
Don’t care where you’re from, we’re blissful

Doesn’t matter ‘bout your history
We get on fine and you make me glee

I’m sure we can face the world together
I’m so happy with you, you’re a dazzler

With you, we can explore and challenge, for sure
And there’s such a thing as a forevermore


my love
my octave
be my baby
the cooing of a dove
with you my life is full of glee
drink some nice cups of tea, swim in the sea
I’ll look after you and together we will grow
we will be able to watch the grand prix
we’ll trust each other that’s the key
do all of the above
just be with me
my dove


Who’s gonna be with me in the Ratskeller?
Who’s gonna strike a clump of two with me?
Who’s gonna order steak burnt to a cinder?
Life’s better with you, I come with a plea
Without you, my life is like a big blur
Without you, I’ll remain acedia baby
Coiled myself in front of the television
Scrawling your name over and over, hun

People say we’re antipodes of each other
That I’m a walrus and you’re a tiger
That I move on and pull myself together
If I change, can we please stay as we were?
In your hands I’m waiting for the answer
I miss you from the summer to the winter
I miss you like a rain in the desert
Come back and I promise you full comfort


she sits with the cello supported on the floor
she looks at the audiences and reads the brochure
he arranges his musical sheets and gets ready
together they will produce a blissful medley

music coming from heaven as their fingers play
we drift with the sound and all worries send away
and so music thrives, cello moans, piano mellows
glory of the song, harmonics and allegros

a well-developed vibrato technique is used
duet’s a masterclass to inspire and enthuse
softly, the piano plays in tune with the cello
angels carry the notes up to heaven to flow

For: Creativity Challenge 15

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  1. robbiesinspiration

    Amazing words!

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    1. ladyleemanila

      awww thanks, Robbie 🙂 appreciated ❤


  2. robbiesinspiration


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    1. ladyleemanila

      thanks, Robbie 🙂


  3. 1sojournal

    Thank you for showing us so many ways of being together,


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    1. ladyleemanila

      my pleasure, Elizabeth 🙂


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