Vanish – Daily Prompt


The Ballad of Maria Makiling

There was a mysterious fairy
Guarding Mount Makiling
Her long hair floating in the air
Her singing echoing

She appeared after a storm
Wandered around the woods
She mended wings of butterflies
Replaced nests on branches

Storm vanished as she walked by
Roses and orchids bloomed
Birds built nests and chirped happily
Deer ran around again

She was known to have a good heart
Helped old women get wood
Left them with gold nuggets and coins
Cooked meals for hunters, too

Nowadays they saw less of her
Why? Excessive hunting
And people cut a lot of trees
Which disappointed her


When they went to the cafe, they got much more than a couple of expensive coffees.

There was faint music in the background. They both said they like that love music and listened to it dreamily. They started talking about their days at work, their hobbies and their likes. Was it Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that: “conversation is an art in which a man has all mankind for competitors?” And they do converse for quite a long time. They found a lot of things in common. They laughed at their jokes, mused at some others and agreed or disagreed with the rest.

The conversation was very interesting. They didn’t speak ill of others, for they know that nothing good will come out of it. They might as well write them in the sand near the water’s edge. Then, they can disappear or vanish as people walked on them.

It was night time when they left the café. It was a cold evening. Faint stars were in the sky, silver leaves in the background. They agreed to meet next week for dinner. There was a new Italian restaurant in town, and they said they will try that one out. So the day went well and both parted in good spirit. Till they meet again…

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