Flee – Daily Prompt


danger lurking behind
desperate for menace
despondent and unkind
dagger in the bus

an insecure position
anything can happen
and vulnerable to action
a wild night-out to shun

nowhere safe
night time especially
not reliable for waif
news of danger to flee

over thinking?
only being prepared
once danger coming
only I can be scared


under the sea where the mighty king lived
his hair lengthy and his body so lean
the king saw her and made her his captive

we would never know what went in between
why did she keep coming back to the sea?
perhaps he promised her to be his queen

under the sea, there was lots of algae
and the sound of water flowing over
folks said she was as pretty as could be

lady swam into the wide blue yonder
was it to be with him at his kingdom?
pure white beach surrounding the sea azure

sometime later on she wanted freedom
sadly, but there was no way she could leave
she was then bored and he was so loathsome

she kept asking him, he was getting peeved
and then he did something unscrupulous
something horrifying, it made us grieve

that was the anecdote under the sea
she was fiercely taken, she couldn’t flee
under the sea where the mighty king lived
the king saw her and made her his captive

For: Flee

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