Creativity Challenge 24 – Shadow

Love soars from earth to infinity
For love of love, or heart’s solitude
Who cries for shadows and cannot tell
Begrudge I come with a plea
Never a sunny day for feud
Tried to stifle the thoughts and quell
I sing in my heart

Spring with our shadows
Ladylee and Him Indoors
Winter with our shadows

Together we glow and grow
In mountains, seas and moors
Spring with our shadows

Things we care to know
Went through a lot of tours
Winter with our shadows

Sunshine, rain, wind and snow
Filling up and making our memoir
Spring with our shadows

We met thirty two years ago
Went through oceans and shores
Winter with our shadows

With health we’re aglow
You’re mine, I’m yours
Spring with our shadows
Winter with our shadows


As I was preening my garden
I saw a shadow of the past
Was that really you, my Dad?
I couldn’t believe I’d see you
Here, of all places, my garden
Lots of things I’d tell you
But then you probably knew
You were watching over us
Still my rock when I’m sad
Comforting me I’m sure
I remembered your kare-kare
Only you could cook that best
Or the sausages with onions
I just cooked it yesterday
I know you’d approved
And of course, the wedding
HRH the son and his beautiful K
Mum, sis, bro, cousins and all
Coming from different places
I know you’re be there, too
In spirit and with your blessing
I still miss you, your calls
Your advice, your cooking
Your generosity, your voice
Wish you were still with us

– Kavan Cardoza

In the shadow of the night
It may seem obvious and trite
As I await for you
Anticipation grew
The sound of vinyl record
Making me soared
Like a mosaic gateway to your world
With my hair all curled
I hallucinate and have irrational thoughts
Have a lot of afterthoughts
Of passionless love scalding my being
Full of inadequate flings
Of mud-covered carcass of dead animals
With their guts and skulls
Of the crowd suffocating me
I just would like to flee
Knowing I prefer Isolophilia
I’m not to be betrayed
And then you sneaked quietly
I’ve counted to three
Covered my eyes with your hands
Like walking on sands
The waiting was over
There you are, my captor

For: Creativity Challenge 24


  1. I enjoyed the various explorations of shadows….I especially love “I sing in my heart”. And I admire the felicity of 32 years of togetherness, through all the seasons. How wonderful that must be. Sigh. This was wonderful to read. I love your memories of your dad, still so present in spirit.

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