Tale Weaver # 96 – December 15th – What you see out your front door

Outside my front door, birds singing
Dogs running, children cycling, people passing

Hear the baby bird cries for his food
Among the branches, doves cooed

Unfettered that he’s bigger than the mother
It doesn’t matter, as I hear my cat purr

Check our flowers and ferns, all thriving
A neighbour, all about her holiday babbling

I’ve just twisted some weeds off the plants
And harvested some tomatoes and eggplants

An old grill, for our family’s delight
Always handy, when the sun is bright

Still hoping summer is not finish yet
Make the most of it, without any fret

Outside my front door, an old bench
Where the son used to study his French

Where I stop and think, train of thoughts
Dreaming of mangoes and kumquats

Reading and writing, pages and pages
Reminiscing the past and accepting changes

garden full of life
of butterflies and bees
the scents of flowers
look at the garden
peace and tranquility
wonderful feeling
garden through the years
canvas of memories
brings us joy and hope

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Tale Weaver # 96 – December 15th – What you see out your front door., Nurt Thurs – Track Record


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