Creativity Challenge 25 -Mistakes

Soughton HallWedding Photography By Ashton Photography

We met in the lab a long time ago
Every time we see each other we glow
We became friends and then lovers
We became each other’s anchors
We’ve made lots of mistakes, we fought, we argued
But we always enjoy cooking and eating our food
Always sweeter the second time around, after the tiff
We like to challenge ourselves by climbing up the cliff
We’re taking notes on the lessons we’re learning
And we know that life is short and we’re ageing
Even translating to something we both can understand
We were brought up in two totally different homelands
And we’re in this together through thick and thin
Sometimes we joke that we’re like a twin
In sickness and in health, we’re together
Hopefully forever, we make each other better


I don’t worry if I make mistakes
If you follow me to the kitchen
I’ll cook something nice for you
I can be your loyal friend
Listening to you in the corner
Even at work, I take it as a hobby
That is, go there and enjoy it
I read, I laugh, I cry, I shop, I write
As a consequence, I enjoy my day
I stop and wonder at little things
Smell the roses, listen to music
Walk and have some fresh air
Life isn’t fierce, life is wonderful
We have to take things effortlessly


Time and time again I’ve made mistakes
Lessons I should really learned but not
Falling through the same holes
Falling through the same promise
Falling through the same allure

Friends and family are always there
Supporting me and accepting me
I promise to be good, I always swear
Then temptations come I pay with a fee

I’ve got to be strong, I know that now
I’ve got to keep going and I vow
And me, fighting through the end
Yes, fighting through the end

For: Creativity Challenge 25


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