five minute friday :: now

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all fine. Just got back from work, then went to the shop to buy some last minute Christmas presents, made it- yay! Got home, Him Indoors greeted me by opening a bottle of sparkling wine. Cheers, he said. His father who was supposed to undergo an operation today for kidney stones, didn’t happen. They couldn’t find the kidney stones, gone! A month ago, he was in pain and was taken to the hospital. They gave him some medication and pain reliever and he had to wait. He was scheduled to have the operation this morning and luckily, the stones were gone. What a relief! They are definitely flying here to Munich for Christmas and we are looking forward to seeing them again. Cheers!

What else? Tomorrow we are buying our Christmas tree and will decorate it with baubles and other trinkets and lights. We are also putting out our artificial inverted Christmas tree in the attic. So cool! And on Sunday morning, we’re watching Star Wars. These are my NOW, enjoy your weekend everyone.

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