Humbug! – Monday Morning Melts #6

In the tidal wave of Christmas shopping
Would you like this one or that thing?
Like being in amphetamine in the wildness
The nearer the day, the more I’m feeling anxious
Got zilch idea what to give you, being barefaced
Want to impress you and it’s got to be aced
At first I was sanguine that I’ll find the perfect gift
Lost in the shops, and I’m getting miffed
In my reverie, there’s always the fourth rule
I want to be cool but turning out to be a fool
Humbug! I relent, can I just give you myself?
I can give you all my love and my best oneself
Cheers, my darling, let’s swill our drinks
That’s the best gift I can offer, me- thinks

(c) ladyleemanila 2016


For: Monday Morning Melts #6, Monday Morning Melts #6, Wordle #134 “December 19th, 2016”



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