Calm – Daily Prompt

we went up the cliff to see the sunset in Siem Reap. We sat on the grass and waited for it. It was so calm.

a calm evening

the calmness of the sea

a calming view


getting ready
the calm before the storm
the party begins


The oasis of serenity when everything’s at peace. Blue sky with cotton like clouds, calm sea, green grass and trees and the island across my bench. Birds flying and singing above me, ah, this is heaven! The joy of being here, the freedom I feel of love and happiness. This is my favourite place when I want to be alone and commune with nature, when I want to say thanks for all the blessing that I have or when I want to drown my sorrow and pain, leave them here and move on with life. This is where I can find my peace, to remain whole and to be free. I may not be perfect, but this place is pure bliss.

Oasis of peace
Feeling of love and delight
Sitting on the bench

For: Calm

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