Creativity Challenge 32 – Prayer


praying before meals
saying grace for what we eat
together we pray

all things come from Him
glad heart brings glory to God
bountiful blessing


Brown bear, brown bear, where are you?
Are you hiding anywhere?
Come out of your lair
You’re my Winnie the Pooh

Walking one day and you came to my view
I was so frightened and I said my prayer
Brown bear, brown bear, where are you?
Are you hiding anywhere?

You’ve been my friend through and through
Lots of adventures we share
You’re my best friend, I swear
I don’t want them to take you to the zoo
Brown bear, brown bear, where are you?


on top of mountain
silence felt as birds fly
the monk in prayers


Light flicks skyward by the two lamps
In our ancestral home
A morning prayer in the damp
Meditate with shalom
Life might be flawed but I accept
My desire to heal as I wept
Life might be flawed
Life might be flawed
I’d be good, a promise I kept

As I fry eggs on skillet
Bread bakes in the oven
On a porcelain dish, some nuts
Breakfast for many – done
I am quite on track this morning
Waiting for what the day will bring
I’m quite on track
I’m quite on track
Preparing, frying and baking

The two lamps give a cosy feel
Grandma gave them to us
Giving us light in every meal
Give a sense of calmness
Loving memories in our lives
With us from birth till we were fives
Loving memories
Loving memories
From the photos in our archives

For: Creativity Challenge 32


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