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At the back of a whorehouse, a strange hole bigger than a melon was found. The people were still sleeping, tired from last night’s rattling and reverie. There was a mania for the latest hot rock star who was in the vicinity last night. The way he connected with his fans was really touching.

Some people gathered around the hole. A man wearing his dungarees smote the edge of the hole with a heavy weapon. Others followed and they dug the hole. Inside they found some vanilla coloured bones and artefacts. Experts were called in and after some time, reports were in. They have discovered something historical.

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Johann lived in the country with his wife, Gertrude. He hummed as he worked, trying to prove that his experimental methods work. He bleached the sheep’s wool needed for his wife’s needlework. He was busy developing an elixir of life, using olives, stones, minerals and herbs for longevity. It was amusing to see the light passing through the diverse bottles in the shelves. Cryptic symbolism and mysticism was an integral part of his alchemical work that men thought he was sort of a fool. They laughed behind his back. One day, he thought, when he finally discovered something, these men will topple over like dominoes.


I shoulda walked naked in the streets with head high
I woulda rock and roll as loud as I coulda at home
I shoulda surf the waves with glee in the lake
I woulda fall in love with the guy hundred times
Like I was in cloud nine all the times
I wish I shoulda woulda coulda
But life is tough and I’m a coward
So I shouldn’t wouldn’t couldn’t

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