Freezing in Freising

Hello everyone. We had a freezing day in Freising today. Freising is a town 35km north of Munich and is a 25-minute journey from Munich Hauptbahnhof by regional train. It is one of the oldest settlements in Bavaria. Archaeological finds show that the area was settled in the Bronze Age. The hill between the River Isar and the town centre is called Domberg (Cathedral Hill). It is a self-contained episcopal quarter, with the prominent twin-towered Romanesque cathedral at its heart. We walked around the city centre and had lunch at Huber restaurant. I bought a nice red scarf as a souvenir of the day.

For: Jo’s Monday walk : Boxing Day Blues, The Church of the Pater Noster , Our World: New Year Edition

Our World pebble_zps8ecf6b7b


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