Sandbox Writing Challenge #70 — What’s your greatest get?

Is there one thing that YOU want most out of life?


Vessel of your love, dear
I’m here to give you cheer
As the birds fly and sing
See what the day will bring
We pace by the sunlit
And dance by the moonlit

Vessel of your courage
We honour our marriage
In sickness and in health
In silence and stealth
Together we face life
We try not to strife

Vessel of devotion
Shown by words and action
Challenges we can take
And we swim by the lake
Make our own history
We go through life with glee

Never do anything halfway
Love someone with all your heart
Things you always have to weigh
You’ve got to be smart to impart

Like sweet roses in the garden
Be careful with their thorns
The sun’s out and life’s fun
Why don’t you plant an acorn?

Check buds for loathsome cankers
They come like thieves in the night
Along the riverbank some amblers
Each one fighting for their plight

Before you tread on muds
Or be tempted to commit sins
Use your judgment, I say with a plea
Don’t do things halfway, that’s the key

Thirty years of devotedness and love
All the experience and our adventure
With you it’s like a cooing of a dove
Together we try to find some answer

We’ve made our home and oh so contented
Our son and bride join us and tortoises
We’re grateful to all and feeling so blessed
Places we’ve visited give us real buzz

We’re so different and we argue sometimes
Each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies
We have created our own paradigms
One thing for sure, the day we always seize

For: Sandbox Writing Challenge #70 — What’s your greatest get?


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