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“Blessing you on your special day,” my son’s great granddad, bless his soul, would be saying this as my son wore this pocket watch on his wedding day. This old watch could be as old as 107 years, as that year was engraved on it. He won it for sprinting, together with a silver medal which he won in cricket. My husband wore it on our wedding day 30 years ago and this year, he passed it to our son. And hopefully, the son will pass it to his son when the time is right. Life is such a bliss!


If only I followed my heart instead of my head
I wouldn’t be living in that shed
If only I went out with Brad instead of Pete
Perhaps my life would be complete
If only I finished my degree instead of eloping with Pete
I swoon over his manly ways and he was sweet
If only I concentrated on my career instead of bearing children
I seem to be forever living with my apron
I would be staying at the cottage house by the beach
The sky began to change from grey to peach
I would be sailing and catching fish with our boat
The water is refreshing as I float
I would probably still have my figure and career
And hopefully have a gorgeous year
I would probably still be happy with my life
With friends to go out for our nightlife
But I have made some rash decisions
I have to think about the little ones
And I have to suffer the consequences
Ponder carefully before I make choices


Forget the past, concentrate on the present
Present hopefully brighter than the past
Past events, memories and experience
Experience we need to grow up
Up and away we could fly
Fly away, aim high, spirits soar
Soar and roar like a lion
Lion of great power and wisdom
Wisdom learned from the past


When cold winter decides to leave
And spring comes forth and keeps us warm
And new leaves and blooms start to pop

It is as long as we believe
From white to green being transformed
We have to plant and harvest crop

New thread to spin, new cloth to weave
Great ability to perform
We’ll carry on, let’s not stop

Situation that’s quick to perceive
That is hopefully no more storm
All the greeneries as backdrop

And all the leaves in all places
From trees, shrubberies and bushes


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