Gone – Daily Prompt


She was putting up the ornaments. Some of them they’d bought together back then. Most of the ones they purchased in that little shop in that little lane were long gone. So was he. The tree used to be bigger back then, but so was the house she shared with him and the kids. The kids… They would be here soon. Carefully she picked another ornament, making sure she wouldn’t drop it.

Please continue…

No, she wouldn’t drop anything anymore. She blinked and a tear fell from her right eye. She used to have a basket full of ripe fruit and vegetables, a nest full of eggs and birds, a house with a garden, a husband and two perfect kids – she used to have everything. She thought she had reached the stars but because she wasn’t clever, they were all taken out of her hand. One mistake, one passion for pump flesh, someone younger, who by the way, didn’t stay with her long – and she lost everything. How she wish she has another chance, to make amends. She has seen her errors and now she wants to go back to where she was.


winter is coming
leaves are gone, ground full of snow
days are dark and short


time seems to fly
when busy and wants more time
where did it go?


As students we managed to scrape by
Not going out, staying at students’ halls
Getting after-school work and living the hard way
Every dish is important so we don’t leave any
Roast on Sunday would be curried or stir-fried the next
We helped plant some vegetables at his parents’ allotment
And freeze all the produce – potatoes, carrots, beans and fruit
Now, we looked back and silently laugh – we’ve endured a lot
Sometimes large tears brimmed in our eyes when we recall
We’ve gone through thick and thin and we are still together
We’ve climbed the highest mountains, crossed the seven seas
Survived all the storms, challenges and hindrances and we’re still us
Till death do us part, we promised each other as we peck each other’s lips


This autumn day is like a dream
Trees glisten thanks to the moonbeam
Journeying isn’t the same as a trance
There’s always a chance that I can dance

The fountain shimmering like diamonds
For some, time speeds up, senses heightened
Let us share one tender moment
One last effort that makes us valiant

I swear we won’t forget or regret it
As we walk and talk by the moonlit
It’s probably part of our Bucket list
The peaks are shrouded with mists

A nexus of our past and the present
It’s best we just remember fragment
A link between summer and autumn
Yellow, brown, red and gold in random

When the wind brushes the leaves
Like a fairy tale that weaves
The sky flushes with a gold of dawn
I know, let bygone be bygone

You’re the only person I call as a friend
I know there’s a chance that I mend
Feeling the chills in our bones
But there’s no need for moans

Didn’t want this charming night to end
When sharing it with a great friend

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