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If I had a superpower what would it be? It would be the ability to appear and disappear at will, the ability to be a different person in different setting. I chose to be one of the different characters during the Philippine Revolution of 1896.

Tandang Sora was my old aunt – She was poor and her only means of livelihood came from the profits she got in selling. One day in August, the Supremo and his forces, tired and worn out, but determined to fight the enemy, came to the house of Tandang Sora, who immediately gave them a hundred sacks of rice from her storehouse, ten carabaos and tools they would need. She herself had become a revolucionario. Her help extended from giving provisions to the movement; she took care of the wounded and sick freedom fighters, not fearing that she would be caught by the Spanish authorities.

I was the Filipino Woman Married to a Spaniard – I overheard remarks about the Filipinos from my Spanish guests. I was in my room, went out and told them to stop. When they wouldn’t stop, I told my husband. He sided with his countrymen and ignored my request. I took a stick and sought to drive them away by beating them. They arrested me but I was able to escape through the window of my house.

I was Trining and took part in many battles – Dressed as a man with a wide brimmed hat, I went with rebels wherever they went. Some of the battles include the battle of San Ildefonso, the battle of San Rafael and the battle of Zaragoza. At the battle of Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija, the enemy shot my right foot. I fell unconscious but when I recovered, I spoke with the Katipuneros with a smiling face. In the midst of shots and bolo flashes, I never showed the proverbial female weakness.

I could have been one of the many brave Filipino Women – the Katipuneras or the Babaylans who took part in the Philippine Revolution of 1896. Thanks for letting me write about them and acknowledging their struggles for all of us.

women took part, too
Philippine Revolution
our own heroines

acknowledging them
they struggle for our freedom
we’re so proud of them

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Etol Bagam. Thank you Etol!

Aside from not being so smoky anymore, the pub was still the same for Rick. The wooden floor, the rustic look, the barrels and of course, the pool table. They spent a lot of their afternoons and evenings in this pub, him, Pete, John, Marie and Jane. Rick couldn’t wait to see them again, after 30 years. That was a long time! They were all freshmen from different departments when they first met. Marie and John were going out that time. Rick celebrated his 20th birthday here, wearing top hat and tails, Pete as a drag because of his long hair, Marie was a Danger Mouse, John was a pirate and Jane was Wonder Woman. That was fun! Ah, memories of the past! They played pool all night. And of course, drinks all round. Now, one by one, his friends arrived – Pete, John, Marie and Jane – and boy, great to see them again!


If I have extra brain power
What would I do?
I’d like to be great
Play the piano like Beethoven
Sing like Katherine Jenkins
Write like Jane Austen
What else, what else?
I’d like to discover
The cure to cancer
And other illnesses
Encourage others to
Be nice to one another
Live in peace and harmony
And accept our differences


Why do I write, is the question
I guess I just do it for fun
To test myself how I can run
Lots of action, lots of action

Expressing my thoughts and musing
Conveying, asking and babbling
And checking out what I can bring
It’s a great world, it’s a great world

It is more than just girl power
It’s to make our future brighter
Global efforts and awareness
Education and freedom, that’s what we’re after

We can be whatever we want
To mother, sister, daughter, aunt
Ability to change the world
We can thrive coz we’re not simple tableau vivant

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