Float – Daily Prompt


clouds float in the sky
as seen from our plane home
like being cushioned

like floating cotton
variety of shapes and shades
oh so cuddly

boats float on the sea
the Mediterranean
blue-green coloured sea

water is so clear
boats float above the water
just hovering there


the sea
boats floating by
relaxing on the beach
swimming, kayaking, snorkelling
temperate climate, gentle waves
friends swimming as sun sets
ocean spray

PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast

They danced around the fire and sang to conjure up the spirits of our ancestors. They also carried trinkets and twines on boats as they floated on the river. These were some rituals of my people which sadly were being neglected and forgotten by the young generation. I heaved a sigh as I put my baseball cap on. I bent to pick up some stones and walked back to my other world. I wanted to stay and take some part in the ritual, but I also have to go back to college. I  left the nest and life goes on…

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