Infinite – Daily Prompt


Let me whisper to you
The creation that was me
When I was sixteen
I could be as invisible
As a ghost, embarrassed
Always at a distance
Awkward in every way

On the other hand
It was the time
Of experiments
Of finding myself
Of rhythm and fun
Emitting hope
Impulsive plans
Nothing infinite


Standing on an empty rail track
World used to be bright, now black
There used to be two chairs on the lawn
Now let bygone be bygone

With a single bag and nowhere to go
Is that a choice? Being incognito?
Of events she’s still perplexed
What was the message in the text?

Feeling of emptiness and anxiety
As she walked by the alley
A dandelion amongst the poppies
The wind blew bone chilling winds

If she could just spool back the events
And everything was full of suspense
The pain was still rife
There was a strife

Where love and life still aflame
Such a shame what became
Like wildflowers, emotions flared
She was quite unprepared


she pulled a sheaf of papers from her suitcase and shuffled through them
in this age of modrons and technology, she’s probably pounding for mayhem
why she’s doing that, no one knows, so we better tread carefully
there’s always a dispute in any war, so dial 999 for emergency humbly
gone are the moral platitudes, and in their place are enough critiques
like some fruit that were left in the sun too long to rot bleakly
and infinitesimal questions which we cannot fathom, save for clarity
so designate a sober driver instead of yourself when you are boozy
click on the designated modron and see what happens to the parable
for all you know it might bake a cake that will crumble and crinkle
crack the regulation and calibrate its inferior motives like a birdsong
go to karaoke with friends and have fun with your cradlesong and singsong

For: Infinite

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