Quiet -Daily Picture Prompt 30


Quiet is a state of the mind. I can be quiet in the most chaotic situation, in a busy street, in a concert, in a supermarket, anywhere. I can also be quiet when I’m listening to a classical music or any relaxing music. I can be quiet when I’m writing my blog, focusing on what I’m doing, the noise outside I don’t really hear. I like it when everything is quiet, when I can just commune with nature, when I walk in the park, or when I do some exercise in the gym. Quiet is the time when I can think about the next plan, when I can assess the present situation, when I can daydream or when I meditate. Quiet is when I can write my list, any list, shopping, groceries, to-do lists. I like it when it’s quiet!

For: Daily Picture Prompt 30

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