20 Days of Chill: Nicknames (Day 6)

Sing me a song that will give me craft
A fair amount of good-natured chaff
Day or night – chicken done right
Lightning that flashes called sprite
A fiery one that will repair my frame
Ladyleemanila – that’s my nickname
Call me back and add a billow of hope
Write a letter and put it in an envelope
Anything nice and sweet so I can cope
Vibrant colours in a range of kaleidoscope
Another chance to say that I still exist
So that I know that I’m being missed

intone me a song
a vibrant kaleidoscope
pondering my thoughts


I’ve known Venus since she was born. She’s so beautiful and the youngest in their family and they used to live two doors away from us. We used to call her Nono when we were kids, you know how each one has some sort of nicknames. Anyway, Venus is my cousin, her father was my father’s brother (in spirit, because they grew up together). Venus and her siblings (4 of them) and us (also, 4 of us) were really, really close, as in best mates in everything. We played together, went on holidays together, did all the usual teen-ager fun, parties, secrets, messing around, experiments, and on and on. We shared a lot of experience and memories. Now we are all in different parts of the world with our own families, but we still keep contact with each other and through social media, have seen each other’s photos and have known each other’s news. Last year, Venus and her husband went to Europe for their holidays and my brother and mother saw them in the UK. And every time I fly back to the Philippines, I see them. So she’s our gorgeous Venus on earth.

Image result for what's in a name

What is in a name?
A rose is a rose is a rose
It still smell as sweet

My name’s Ladylee
It’s my name in blogosphere
Real name’s secret

Filipino names
Quite unique in the world
Bong-Bong, Luningning,
Joker, PNoy, Violet
Ding-dong, Lualhati, Kotz

People see your name
Sometimes you could be prejudged
Coz names have meanings
It’s important to choose names
It’s what you have all your life

For: 20 Days of Chill: Nicknames (Day 6)


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