Prompt #1964 The Rules of Magic


Molly, the magician made that watch disappeared as part of his tricks. Many people were amazed. Maybe because of all his gimmicks and great entertainment on stage. A group of mariachis also played until midnight.

Meanwhile, a watch miraculously appeared at the mortuary where Mario was working. “Whoa, where did that come from?” his mouth remained open. “Or was that an effect of the crystal meth that I’ve taken?” he talked to himself.

The motor was still running, when Ricardo remembered his watch. “I missed to tell Molly that it has a mind of its own. Like a mutant, it’s not an ordinary watch.”


There was once a girl named Sabrina
With her dog and they danced cha-cha
She’s also a witch
Sometimes with a glitch
It’s tough learning magic tricks, huh

Abracadabra, I wish for you to be with me here
Fly with the stars, come back and wipe my tear
Waiting for you until the sun goes down
The date, at least to me, is yet unknown
Forget the rest, stay with me and give me cheer

One, two, three and he’s gone
Broke my heart, he’s such a con
With my magic
Head with a brick
Served him right, he’s now bygone

For: Prompt #1964 The Rules of Magic

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