If only – FFfAW Challenge

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

If only I followed my heart instead of my head
I wouldn’t be living in that shed
If only I went out with Brad instead of Pete
Perhaps my life would be complete
If only I finished my degree instead of eloping with Pete
I swoon over his manly ways and he was sweet
If only I concentrated on my career instead of bearing children
I seem to be forever living with my apron
I would be staying at the cottage house by the beach
The sky began to change from grey to peach
I would be sailing and catching fish with our boat
The water is refreshing as I float
I would probably still have my figure and career
And hopefully have a gorgeous year
I would probably still be happy with my life
With friends to go out for our nightlife
But I have made some rash decisions
I have to think about the little ones
And I have to suffer the consequences
Ponder carefully before I make choices

For: FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy


  1. Great poem that everyone can relate to. I believe everyone has had their “what if” moments. Perhaps some of the what if’s would have been more satisfying, but probably not all of them since circumstances are always changing and we are constantly having to make decisions. Years from now, we will probably still have some “what if’s”

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