Uneven – Daily Prompt


Finally! Boarding time! She made her way to her seat and stowed her carry on away. As much as she loved travelling she was not keen on this 12 hour flight. She sat down and fastened her seat belt, wondering who would sit next to her. After a quick look out the tiny window she started scanning the other passengers entering the plane, wondering who would eventually sit down next to her. She glanced out the window again and observed the busy world out there. Then someone sat down next to her.

A very smart business man type with his suit, his trench coat, his briefcase and a newspaper still stuck under his arm. He looked at her and nodded. She nodded, acknowledging his presence. Oh good, someone decent, not a screaming toddler or an overweight passenger. She started to relax and carried on reading her magazine.

As the aircraft travelled down the runway, they heard and felt bumps as it crossed the uneven parts of the runway. There was noticeable bump when the plane lifted off. That noise made him nervous. “Oh dear, what’s that?” he muttered. “Oh, we’re just lifting off,” she assured him. The plane climbed steeply and turned sharply, shortly after take-off. He was gripping the arm rest so hard, sweating profusely and banging his head against the chair in front of him. He was also mumbling some prayers or cursing under his breath.

As it cruised, the plane rode upon an invisible cushion of air that has been pushed down by the shape of the wing. The plane jolted slightly as it followed the shape of the air – there was turbulence. “Oh God, oh God, I don’t want to die!” he said. And then the “bing bong” sounded, i.e. the safety belts signs were off. “What was that, what was that?” he asked nervously. The stewardess came to him and assured him that everything was alright and there was no need to worry. She even asked him if he wanted to have a drink. He said no for drinks.

For the rest of the 12 hour flight, this man spent his eyes closed, holding on to the arm rest and whispering prayers under his breath. And when they finally landed, he put his trench coat back on, got his briefcase back and wished her a good day. And off he went, back to being a business man type again.


An island in the Caribbean, what a sight
Dazzling like a metaphorical tiger night

In safe haven out of reach from the crowd
This paradise it was fate God has endowed

I saw from the beach, when the morning was shining
Such marvelous feeling but I sadly remember nothing

A bark of tree over the waters move gloriously on
To be repentant is an uneven expanse to sleep on

Each wave that we danced on at morning fades from us
And departs at eve, on the bleak shore without a fuss

I stare at the fading light outside, the rain beginning
The tide drums along the empty beach and I am yawning

The sights of the gulls, the dunes, the grasses and the breeze
The feeling of beach sand so unlike from dirt and I don’t freeze

For: Uneven

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