#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 13th/17 – Hospital


Marie and son John were on the way to school when a car overtook them. Marie’s car skidded and rolled down the cliff. Luckily, both of them were able to get out of the car before the car caught fire. The man who overtook them saw the smoke, felt guilty and called the ambulance. The paramedics arrived and assessed the situation. They rang the emergency helicopter so they could take Marie and John to the nearest hospital.

Meanwhile, Sam found the surprise birthday present from his Dad. It was a drone cyber flyer plane, the one he saw in the shop. His Dad remembered! How happy he was and immediately set it up and started flying it. Then he couldn’t control it anymore and hit the front of the emergency helicopter. The helicopter crashed and chaos ensued.


Him Indoors was busy in the garden. He was planting some plants we’ve bought from the nursery. He saw a lot of bees among the bush. He wanted to get rid of them by poking the nest of hornets with a stick. The bees came out of the nest and chased him as he ran to the house. They attacked and bit him. After some time, he was swelling like a balloon so I quickly drove him to the hospital. The doctor looked at him and quickly put some hydrocortisone infusion on him. Now, he never tried to get rid of them.

For: #JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 13th/17



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