20 Days of Chill: Stress(Day 12)

As time passes me by
Collected memories
And I enjoyed the breeze
These things we cannot buy
As we run and fly high
Always the day we seize

Memories of the past
Will stay in my heart
Listening to Mozart
That was always a blast
When time went so fast
And soon we’ll all depart

Appreciate little things
And our awakenings


what is this fear, that of unknown?
ignorance and not being shown
venturing out is not that bad
new experience for us to add, so let’s not moan

some delicate juggling process
we don’t know and we have to guess
trial and error is required
anything to make us inspired, don’t need stress


how we giggle us three friends
creating ripples
like a child’s spinning top
sweet as caramels

sharing a giggle is fun
upsurge of pure glee
builds up like water in dam
release to be free


pretty butterfly, its wings beating the summer air
youth and innocence, good qualities to possess
happy as a cloud as it flutters around the square
yin and yang the balance of the soul for its success
nurturing the flowers as it flies to them with care
gracious as the sun and wind sighing without stress

For: 20 Days of Chill: Stress(Day 12)


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