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She wanted to find the perfect gift to express how she truly felt about her mother.

Her mother will be 80 soon. And that’s a great achievement, to be able to reach 80 and she’s still cool, i.e. still here, still going to the gym, still looking after herself by not going out without a make-up on, still reading all the romance novels. But what’s a perfect gift for a lady she so admired? The lady who gave everything to her and her siblings? The lady who despite the fact that she was hurt, carried on and looked after her children?

There’s not a lot in the world that would be a perfect gift for her mother. She search and search, asking her siblings, asking her relatives and friends, even asking her mother. Of course, the mother just smiles and tells her – just you and your siblings, just you and the family. Right, all resolve then, they’ll all be there to celebrate her 80th birthday. Her sister from Canada, her brother from the UK, another brother on his ship and she’s in Germany. They’re all going to the Philippines to be with her on her special day. Looking forward to celebrating her birthday.

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Once upon a time there was a tourist guide who was working for a posh company doing a tour to upmarket clients. He met this lady with her friend travelling together. The lady had a row with her friend who left her in the middle of the tour. The guide chatted up the lady and the lady was flattered by the attention given to her. They had a romantic meal and in the middle of the meal, the tourist guide asked: “Would you mind giving me your friend’s phone number?” “Yes, I do mind, actually,” answered the lady and left him there and then. The End.

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