She used to live there

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Shivangi Singh. Thank you Shivangi for our photo prompt!

She loved the leaves rustling and crackling together and the soft breeze blowing through the tree. She loved waking up with the birds singing and at night, sleeping with the moon and stars. She loved seeing the world pass her by, the children going to schools, dogs barking, cars honking, children playing. She lived in a mango tree for years and years until the time came when she couldn’t get up there anymore. Her children decided that it was best to either moved her in with their families or moved her to an assisted accommodation. When they told her about this, her features were deadpan but her voice was bursting with emotion. If only she could turn back the times.

For: FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy


  1. Very sad and a lot of truth to it. The whole impact of losing the things we enjoy and relate to comes crashing down on us when we can no longer enjoy them and time will seem to have passed very quickly! The things we can hold on to, however, are our memories and perhaps photos we may have taken. Heartfelt story! 🙂

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