The Greatest _______ in the World

Don’t ask me why but how
That’s what I like to do
We’re in love – you and I
The greatest of them all – love
How do I love thee?
I’ll show you how if you let
Me be just the good old me
I may have lost count
Of the reasons and the
Likes – show me your ways

some gifts are useless
if they were given without thoughts
things we cannot use

but the gifts of the heart
lovingly wrapped with themselves
appreciated well

are the greatest ones
good health, love and harmony
no money can buy


two friends went out to have a chinese meal
spring rolls and pancit- they were a steal
one fortune cookie said “time to explore”
“fortune not found? abort, retry, ignore”
after an hour, they’re ready for another meal

Ten quid and all the fuss of eating out in a Chinese restaurant
“A tub and a rub will change your day” the fortune in an instant
“Ah nonsense!” said he and the waiter was somehow insulted
“The greatest danger could be your stupidity,” he instantly blurted
They had a fight and he was hit for giving a remark that was so flippant

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.


in total darkness
I was alone in the room
my heart beats faster

no air, no escape
no one to hear my scream
get me out of here!

For: The Greatest _______ in the World

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