Summer – QKJ #21

“Damnation!” Marco hissed as he missed a vital step and felt his sword slip from his hand. “Gotcha!” shouted Rich, and he won this fencing round.

“Wow, look at that view, fascinating!” Anne admired the waterfall as they crossed the bridge. “Yes, indeed, how cool is that!” agreed Claire while waving to Kim and Ben kayaking in the river. There was sunshine today and the children were having fun camping.

In the evening the warmth of the fire kept them cheerful as they roasted marshmallows and sausages and sang some songs. Some of them played cards and other games. The organisers carried on with their work. They wanted to keep the children busy and tired all day with different activities.

summer breeze is fun
lavenders and poppies bloom
ice-cream in the park

everyone’s smiling
cycling, walking and swimming
thunderstorms at night

summon the muses
to the cool ocean for bliss
such delight to date

summer morning
meadow where corn is growing
such uplifting feel

melody from heart
not a cloud in the sky
birds fly together

peak of the mountain
panoramic view from top
such awe-inspiring

For: QKJ #21



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