Successful – Daily Prompt


We haven’t seen each other since we finished High School – Maria, Dorothy, Amanda and Joanna (that’s me!). Maria is now a successful lawyer, Dorothy – married twice, now on Husband number three, Amanda – a single Mum but a prosperous businesswoman and me – a perpetual romantic, still waiting for my Prince Charming. Our old school decided to have a reunion in San Francisco so the four of us agreed to meet and stayed in the same hotel – The Waterfront Hotel, near the place of the reunion. The reunion was great, meeting everyone we haven’t seen for quite a long time. There was a posh reception, music, fun and the voting of King and Queen of the Reunion. They voted me to be the Queen of the Night, I was honoured! I danced with Alfredo, the King and now a surgeon in the West Coast and happily married (sigh!). The next day, the four of us toured the city, took the tram, walked to the crooked street, walked along the water front. We had fun reminiscing our school days, the experiments, the craziness, the boys, our former teachers and other activities. We decided to keep in contact again and went on our separate ways.

Jake’s her name, my imaginary friend
She’s always there, come what may
Even when I left the country
She’s my faithful companion
My strict critique, my conscience
My cheerleader, my ally, my confidante
I guess she grew up with me
And her life is not different from mine
Surrounded by her loved ones
Got a successful career
The ones we said we’d do have been done
We’ve weathered and survived them all
Challenges, hindrances, difficulties
Still going with the flow and wave of life
Enjoying life, its beauty and abundance
Isn’t life wonderful?

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