#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 24th/17 – Elusive


Atlantis, where would you be?
Just jiggle if you can hear me
My Uncle Beau has feet of a sow
I’ve always dreamt of milking the cow

Atlantis, how could you be so elusive?
I find that numbers are an easy alternative
Transferred to the dreams of the unaffected
For in black the Madonna was highlighted

Atlantis, am I seeing what I’m seeing?
All the spirits have began humming
The snow leopard will soon be back
All horses running on racetrack

Atlantis, are you here to stay?
It was Grendel that Beowulf did slay
And you find yourself at the bottom of the lake
I’m familiar with that! For goodness sake

Atlantis, how wonderful can you be?
And perhaps spin into how you must be
Nonstop raids on my liveliness and mind
I have fallen into the perplexity of my mind


Oh love why are you so elusive?
What force of nature made me see you?
Your alabaster face among the crowd
Your eyes shining like diamonds
The way you walk, so elegant
I was going up and you down
On a cable car on top of the Alps
I could have said “Hello”
You could have seen me
You could have answered “Hi”
And that could be a start of us
Of friendship that might last
Instead of dreaming here alone
An alternative of “hello” is “goodbye”

For: #JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan 24th Elusive


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