Waiting for spring


In the Philippines, we never really have spring, winter or autumn, just summer all year. Only two seasons, wet and dry. Temperatures nearly the same every day, the sun rises and sets at the same time. I’m not saying I’m bored with it, but it’s also nice to experience the different seasons, to be cold, to be warm, to change tyres from winter to summer ones, to shovel snow, to clear all the falling leaves, to have some grill in the garden with friends in the summer and so on. Anyway, in Germany, we are in the middle of winter and we’re having snow for the last three weeks or so. I can’t wait for spring, which is my favourite season in Europe. I love when the snow disappears and the weather starts being warm. I love the blossoms, new leaves and flowers wakening up, birds singing, the sun’s shining. It’s time to get our bikes out and enjoy cycling, and more flowers blooming – tulip, daffodil, crocus, lily of the valley, hyacinth, blue bell – simply wonderful!

as the sun shines
sweet spring, enjoy life’s offer
a welcoming sight

buds coming out
take time to smell the flowers
sweet-smelling spring

For: Haibun Monday #29 by Grace


  1. I don’t know that I actually wait for the seasons to change, but once the freshness of spring appears or the first, wet snows of winter appear, they are so enjoyable, I can see how someone could wait for them to happen.

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  2. spring is indeed sweet.. and i do get what you are saying – having moved from bangalore, India to san jose, california, both of where the weather stays pleasant and almost even throughout the year, i need to travel to actually experience more variety in seasons 🙂

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  3. I feel that seasons add some spice to life. You might have your favorite season, but as a photographer, each one has a special beauty if one takes the time to ‘see’ and experience. Saying that, I think our winters in Canada are way too long. 🙂

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