20 Days of Chill: Dreams (Day 17)

Take a chance on me
I’ll be with you with glee
I may be clumsy
I may be breezy
But I listen to your dreams
With strawberries and creams
The world may be shattering
You may be living on a shoestring
But I’ll settle down here with you
We won’t eat what we can’t chew
The sky’s the limit
We don’t say “but..”
Your name’s my favourite
As well as chocolate
I might vanish in thin air
So handle me with care
I may rub your sore spot
But look what I’ve bought
And you can see me through
See how much I grew
Like a glass, no secrets
Of pure gold, with 24 carats
I wear my heart on my sleeve
And everything I can achieve

I believe in dreams
I dare say all’s possible
the world’s my oyster


I never believe in dreams
They were just for kids, it seems
Like one of their childish games
But you came and I’m in flames
I’m still smiling with that beam

When I sleep, I dream of you
In the blue sky and you flew
Searching and calling my name
– Believe in dreams

Now I believe in daydreams
Hoping you are my mainstream
And my heart you have inflamed
Dream to be with you I claim
With preference, my eyes gleam
– Believe in dreams

For: 20 Days of Chill: Dreams (Day 17)

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