20 Days of Chill: Popularity (Day 19)

graphics-kites-225381Hello everyone! Hope you are all fine. I’m sharing you a song which was popular when I first left the country in the 80s. We used to sing this and somehow, made me realise my high ambition in life and also to have fun in life. Have a lovely week everyone!

Matayog ang lipad ng saranggola ni Pepe
Matayog ang pangarap ng matandang bingi
Umihip ang hangin, nawala sa paningin
Sigaw ng kahapon, nilamon na ng alon
Malabo ang tunog ng kampanilya ni Padre
Maingay ang taginting, rosaryo ng babae

Lofty flies Pepe ‘s kite
Ambitious old deaf
The wind blew , disappears
Cry of yesterday , swallowed by waves
The faint sound of the Father’s bell
Noisy resonance , woman’s rosary


from two girls
I can’t believe it
just passing by the centre
human hope spreading around
brighten up my life
made my day


skating is fun
lots of tricks
twists and turns
cruising effortlessly down
popular sport!

For: 20 Days of Chill: Popularity (Day 19)

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