Yellow – Daily Prompt


the field by the hill
covered with yellow flowers
on such lovely day

covered with sunshine
walking through the field
nature’s best portrait

autumn like a dream
trees shimmer thanks to moonbeam
share tender moment

autumn like a dream
when the wind brushes the leaves
fairy tale that weaves

trees shimmer thanks to moonbeam
shades of reds, browns and yellows
autumn wind whispers

share tender moment
holding hands by the moonlight
sparkle of the night


This autumn day is like a dream
Trees glisten thanks to the moonbeam
Journeying isn’t the same as a trance
There’s always a chance that I can dance

The fountain shimmering like diamonds
For some, time speeds up, senses heightened
Let us share one tender moment
One last effort that makes us valiant

I swear we won’t forget or regret it
As we walk and talk by the moonlit
It’s probably part of our Bucket list
The peaks are shrouded with mists

A nexus of our past and the present
It’s best we just remember fragment
A link between summer and autumn
Yellow, brown, red and gold in random

When the wind brushes the leaves
Like a fairy tale that weaves
The sky flushes with a gold of dawn
I know, let bygone be bygone

You’re the only person I call as a friend
I know there’s a chance that I mend
Feeling the chills in our bones
But there’s no need for moans

Didn’t want this charming night to end
When sharing it with a great friend


The Butterfly. Many summers ago, when HRH the son was around 5, we went to the Roundway Park in Leeds. They had a butterfly garden there. HRH the son was fascinated by the butterflies, running after them, trying to catch them. We told him that if he kept still, some butterflies might be attracted to him and would come to him. That wasn’t easy for a boy to keep still, but he did. After some time, he saw a yellow and red butterfly sleeping in one of the leaves. He watched it with interest and patience. I’d never forget his excitement when he saw that it was waking up and started fluttering up and down the garden.

pretty butterfly
wings beating the summer air
frail and delicate

For: Yellow

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