Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2017): Express yourself

Him Indoors has always wanted to have this kind of chest of drawers since he saw them in Big Bang Theory. He searched and searched but couldn’t find the right one, so he recycled our old cabinet to this new cool one, amazing!

I express myself by making this delicious leche flan, following my big brother’s recipe (10 egg yolks, 2 cans of evaporated milk, 1 can condensed milk, rind of lemon). Everyone enjoyed eating this yummy dessert!

I express myself by taking photographs – this one was our garden taken this morning. As you can see, the snow is melting, it’s getting warmer here. It has rained all day, snow’s all gone – yay!

My nephew Rob also expresses himself by photography. This was taken in Stowe field by just using his mobile phone.

Him Indoors and I expressing ourselves through our shadows

For: Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2017): Express yourself


  1. I think your first image of the re conditioned cupboard tells us quite a lot about you. You have a nice collection of wooden ornaments on top, animals, birds and sculptures. I love the thistle flower and bumble bee shot and i think your last shadow selfie is great too. Nice photos x

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  2. You are SO TALENTED… these are magical. Your garden is just as stunning as the photo you took of it. I love that you shared your nephew’s photo too.. what a wonderful eye he has!

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  3. I notice that we have something in common – expressing ourselves through cooking! Your dessert looks fantastic, so no wonder everyone likes it! That shadow picture of you and Him Indoors is great. I like how shadow pictures outline the story, but let the viewer fill in the details.

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  4. Love the thistle flower shot. And he even captured a honeybee in it! Lovely job on the repurposed cabinet. It looks great. I wish spring was close here, but I fear we’re in for at least one more month of winter. Thanks for sharing.

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