Resist – Daily Prompt


with you as my guide
experience, fun, adventure
mad to resist you


I know they are like a tease
Tempting you with all their gimmicks
Hypnotizing your brain so you will try
Knowing that you’ll follow them in uniform
Giving in to your flesh and lust
Trying some drugs and liquors
But please don’t be a chicken
You can train your brain to resist
You can be strong enough to do so
Say no to drugs and liquors
Probably a glass of wine is OK


She came second, but acted like the first
She needn’t say a word, now she’s well-versed
Quiet and always with a book, while the siblings dance
They’ve done the lot, but she maintained her resistance
They have a happy childhood, with hundreds of cousins
They played, they swam, they partied and other actions
She got her degree in Chemistry with a loyalty medal
She went to Europe and saw her first snow and castle
There she met someone in the lab and romance bloomed
Six months in the lab and the relationship mushroomed
But got separated because both want to experience more
Then they came back and decided it was forevermore
A son was born and the three played house with a garden
Everything revolved around the son, which was part of a bargain
Until the time came, when the son left and emptied the nest
The couple couldn’t complain, they were happy and blessed
Now back to being two, they’re enjoying being SKIers
Spending Kids Inheritance, by going to different places
Experiencing life to the full while they still can
Ticking their Bucket List in their life span

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