Day 3 #Loveuary❤ – HRH the son

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HRH the son is our pride and joy. From the time he was born and now at 24, he’s still our precious one, and the only one. We’re always proud of him and we wish him all the best. Cheers, our son!

The time really goes so fast
We can still remember all the years
His first words that gave us cheers
The first time he crawls and walks
The first time he rode his bicycle
His first day of school with a big bag
Karate, music, choir, kung-fu, guitar
When we reminisce them they bring tears

From primary years to senior years
He was showing some independence
Lots of friends, loves Maths and Science
Learns to drive, happy to have his license
Friends stayed overnight and had fun
Activities in school, soon time to leave
To another country to have his degree
We surely miss him but we had to let him go


The Butterfly. Many summers ago, when HRH the son was around 5, we went to the Roundway Park in Leeds. They had a butterfly garden there. HRH the son was fascinated by the butterflies, running after them, trying to catch them. We told him that if he kept still, some butterflies might be attracted to him and would come to him. That wasn’t easy for a boy to keep still, but he did. After some time, he saw a yellow and red butterfly sleeping in one of the leaves. He watched it with interest and patience. I’d never forget his excitement when he saw that it was waking up and started fluttering up and down the garden.

pretty butterfly
wings beating the summer air
frail and delicate


HRH the son has always been proud of where he came from, i.e. his Dad being British and me being a Filipina. On his 23rd birthday, our present to him was to have a DNA test which could tell him exactly his roots. OK, the Britishness and Filipino-ess are obvious. He also found some percentages of being Spanish, Polynesian, Malay, Chinese (from my side), as well as Lithuanian, Scandinavian, Irish, Viking, south European (from Him Indoors’ side). He was really amazed knowing his roots!

HRH the son found his beautiful K and they got married last May in the UK

They also got married in India in August. All the best, our loves!

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  1. robbiesinspiration

    How very wonderful! You are very blessed.

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    1. ladyleemanila

      I am blessed indeed, thanks! cheers, Robbie 🙂


  2. Ritu

    This is truly beautiful! Our children, our lives!

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    1. ladyleemanila

      indeed, they are! cheers, Ritu 🙂

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