Overwhelming – Daily Prompt


Looking up at the massive edifice, my heart’s pounding. I can’t believe I’m on my second interview and it’s there on top of that skyscraper. Just to look up is overwhelming. The building is fascinating, built of glass, concrete and steel in the middle of the financial district. I can’t believe that I could be working there. Hopefully. How cool that would be. I guess I just have to fight this nervousness so no one suspects I’m afraid. I have to calm myself down, hold my head high, lift my chest up and take a deep breath. I’m now entering the building. Wish me luck.

Wooden solitaire set
Wooden solitaire set

It was a long battle of wits
Listing each other’s faults
Generating doubts and anguish
What’s the point of channelling energy?
When it was a lost scuffle from the start?
So great was the demoralisation
That fortresses capitulate to defeat
Succumbing to despair and ennui
The overwhelming blackness of space
Inky dark except for the sprinkling of stars
She could sense that her stumble condemned her
She could smell the end of the whole affair
She doesn’t mind being single again
And playing solitaire on her own

For: Overwhelming

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