Day 4 #Loveuary❤ – Siblings

A big brother, me, a little sister and the youngest brother
That’s us, the siblings, in one photo the youngest wasn’t even there
I thought our mom looks beautiful and we’re like kids from the block
In another photo was the youngest with our Dad, who was handsome
And in another photo was just me and the big brother in cowbow suits
They were my playmates, my enemies, my allies, my critiques, my fans
I wouldn’t be here without them and I wouldn’t know who I am without them
We may bicker, squabble, and not talk to each other for quite a while
But when someone was hurt or in need of support, we’re there
My siblings, I love you, wherever you are right now
One in Canada, one in England, another one in his ship and I’m in Munich
Whatever you’re doing and has achieved, I’m still here
My brothers and sister

For: Day 4 #Loveuary❤ – Sibling Love



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