Scent – Daily Prompt

garden full of life
of butterflies and bees
the scents of flowers

look at the garden
peace and tranquility
wonderful feeling


when I visited
purple orchids for my friend
with the lovely scent


In the valley I am free
I want to swim in the sea
Free to flee from the threat
I was with self-doubt beset
The scent of the rose is just a trick
Or the beach in a sheltered creek
I don’t want to dash back to him
Coz I know that life would be grim
He’s going to nick my freedom
A future that might be fearsome
I’ll try hard to compose myself
Get a book from the bookshelf
Soon the threat will subside
I can stand up with pride


bell-shaped white petals
sweetly scented like heaven
growing in the wild


Let the rain tease you
Embracing you with passion
The scent and splendour
Of the earth longing for rain
Quenches its thirst and desire


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6 thoughts on “Scent – Daily Prompt

  1. Liliy-of-the-valley were in my brides bouguet, so these are my favorite! Did you change your blog look? Many thanks for linking up to ALL SEASONS! Here it has been rain almost every day for the past two weeks – very unusual! Have a great week, friend!

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