Trains – Daily Picture Prompt 62


I ride trains everyday
from home to work in any way
s-bahns, regional trains and ICE
not so expensive, the price is nice
one time we rode from Delhi to Mumbai
quite interesting, time just flies
I visit my cousin in Dormagen
that was fun, nice to see her again
this weekend we’re going to Berlin
lots of places to see, where to begin?
I ride trains everyday
from home to work in any way


After three days tiger watching (we saw 2 tigers one morning, otherwise, mostly tiger food) in Ranthambhore, we boarded the train to New Delhi. It would take six hours of travelling. We were in the first class carriage. We passed by people boarding the other classes and the economy, hundreds of them! They were cheek by jowl, virtually holding one another up. The vendors came, selling tea, dodgy water, home-made vanilla ice-cream and crisps. We bought the ice-cream and boy, did we suffer! Food poisoning in the middle of the night wasn’t funny. That was an experience and a half.


For: Daily Picture Prompt 62


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