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She hadn’t read the form before she signed it, and now she regretted it.
That complacency was to be her undoing. She has to suffer the consequence. With regards to this habit, she thought at first that it was a virtue of giving a nonchalance and not being too serious in life. However, this gap of knowledge was not good. She created a cycle of disasters which she regretted after. It’s her choice now to be more careful before she sign anything. She should study them first and gather some evidence or research to lessen some misfortune.



When I was thirteen, I didn’t have the slightest inkling what life was about. I enjoyed watching the poppies and blue bells in the garden, listened to some audible stories and music which were quite strange for my parents, let alone the rest of my roots. I didn’t want to be seen as frivolous, so I repressed my good humour and pretended to be the literary or serious type. Speedy as it seems and without the apocalyptic imagery in my mind – as time passes – I am writing my epilogue to the rest of my life.


One day in a life of the men in our lives
They work, they play and they do some sports
They spend a lot of time in front of the telly
Watching football, documentaries or histories
How about computer games? Ah, that, too!
Not everyone, but some of them do
Simulated flying, cars crashing, golf
What else do they do? Think, think, think
They love that, too, thinking and pondering
Pottering in the garden, that’s a good one
Finding things to repair around the house
Helping children do the homework
Giving a hand to the stressed out wife
Cooking, doing the groceries, mowing lawns
But most of all, being there when we need them
Our super heroes, our fathers, husbands and friends
So here’s just to say, thanks for everything
We love you to the moon and back!!!


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