Day 14 #Loveuary – Affection


Your name in glitters written with my microlith
Are you real or just a myth?
In my heart and soul, you’re always the one
My superstar, my full moon and bright sun

Perhaps exalting you for what you really are
When you’re gone, I’ve got the biggest scar
Even though nothingness comes out
And my life’s one big blackout

I don’t regret what we had, I mull
When the whole process is futile
Wherever I go, your silage lingers
My heart you definitely capture

Your breath I can still taste
I don’t want our memories be erased
Your brown eyes haunt me
Mesmerize with the taunt

Esurient of your affection
What we had, that was fun
Let me be among the brambles
A single bramble or in bundles

The roses, lavender and hyacinth
I’m sure one day I’m out of this labyrinth
But for now, here’s wishing you the best
Having known you, I know I’m blessed


For: Day 14 #Loveuary ❤ – Valentine




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