Victory – Writing Wednesday – 15 February 2017


Me and my gal always together
We laugh, we fight and we just chatter
She’s in my team and we’re winners
Our teacher tells us off coz we’re chewers
I’m sure when she grows up, she’ll be a cracker

I wish I may, I wish I might
That our future be always bright
Reveal the mask of shallowness
And that we shouldn’t make a fuss
Collapse from the radiant fight
And with your armour, my knight
Emerge a winner of the track
And for you to come back
Longing for you and you alone
And I could put you on your throne
The river runs deep and oh, so cold
Like it was always been foretold
I can feel it in my bones, your love
Like the cooing of the dove
The reel of passion all wound up
I don’t want a breakup nor a shakeup


For: Writing Wednesday – 15 February 2017



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